Shamrock Gel Pen with Charm

■Gel pen with an attached charm, the ideal gift from Ireland
■Traditional Celtic design, inspired by 9th century manuscripts
■Size: 14 cm or 5.5 inches in length 

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Embrace the Irish spirit with our Shamrock Gel Pen with Charm! Either you pick it for yourself, or for a dear one with Irish roots, this pen will carry cultural significance into one’s life.

The design resembles the 9th century Celtic manuscripts, which were written by Celtic monks on vellum or calf skin, traditionally. It is a vivid illustration, in a color palette that combines shades of green, gold, blue and red, enriched with Celtic knots detailing. Knots are a recurrent motif in Celtic art and symbolize the connection between humans and nature. They can also be interpreted as the three natural elements: fire, water and earth.

The pen comes with an attached Claddagh charm. This Celtic symbol was often used for wedding rings, as it combines the three most important elements for a happy marriage, according to the Celts: friendship, love and loyalty.

This piece is both functional and stylish - the perfect gift from Ireland.