Lidded Guinness Travel Mug

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Irish Travel Companion With a stunning collage motif loaded with labels old and new from the beloved Guinness brand, a secure sipping lid, and a sturdy handle for easy portability, this mug is guaranteed to become your newest and best travel companion!

Official Guinness Merchandise Made from only the highest quality materials available, this travel mug is a product of the official Guinness merchandise line, designed right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. As such, you can be sure that this piece will remain in great condition for many years to come.

Retro Labels Collage This mug is the perfect choice for anyone who loves adding a retro vibe to their everyday aesthetic. You'll love getting lost in the intricate Guinness label collage -- it's a history lesson in the palm of your hand!

Easy Sipping The top of this travel mug is puckered for easy sipping while on the move, and also screws on with maximum security, those reducing the risk of unfortunate slips, drips, or spills.

Convenient Handle Likewise, the conveniently-angled handle feature allows the travel mug user to grip their drink with the most amount of security possible, making it easier than ever to enjoy your hot beverage on the go, no matter what the day throws at you.

Having a dynamic day and hydrating on the go? Make it in style and sip from this Guinness Archive Labels Travel Mug and feel the retro irish vibe at the same time. Read more about this Official GUINNESS Item.

A lovely Irish gift for any holiday!