Leather Claddagh Coin Purse

■Compact purse: the fan-shaped purse, measuring 4.33", is a stylish and practical coin purse – perfect for carrying your essentials. Its practical zip closure ensures a secure organization, adding versatility for various daily uses
■100% Genuine Leather: crafted from genuine leather, this purse guarantees remarkable durability and resistance, making it a timeless addition to your collection. The material boasts a luxurious touch and sophistication
■Claddagh Symbol: the purse features a captivating embossment of the Claddagh symbol, portraying hands holding a crowned heart, symbolizing friendship, loyalty, and love. This design adds profound cultural significance and meaning to your accessory collection
■Beyond the striking design, this zip coin purse stands as a testament to excellent craftsmanship and authenticity – making it an ideal gift, whether for personal use or as a meaningful Irish-themed present for a loved one

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Our Leather Claddagh Coin Purse will become your new everyday companion – offering practicality and Irish style. This fan-shaped coin purse is sized 4.33", emerging as a convenient accessory to carry your coins & essentials. The zip closure ensures that your things are securely stored and easily accessible, making it adaptable to various daily needs.
Crafted from 100% genuine leather, this coin purse stands as a testament to durability and resistance, promising a timeless addition to your collection.
What sets this coin purse apart is its captivating design – an embossment of the iconic Claddagh symbol. The hands holding a crowned heart represent the values of friendship, loyalty, and love. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this design infuses profound cultural significance, turning the coin purse into a meaningful accessory that goes beyond mere functionality.
Our Claddagh zip purse boasts excellent craftsmanship and authenticity, serving as a functional and versatile companion. Whether you choose it for yourself or as an Irish-themed gift for a loved one, the Leather Claddagh Coin Purse is sure to impress anyone!