Claddagh Ring Irish Fridge Magnet

■Irish Claddagh fridge magnet crafted with great attention to detail from 100% resin, a flexible material that is widely appreciated for its lustrous appearance. The sturdy construction of this magnet makes it a durable addition to your fridge.
■The design features the iconic Claddagh ring, an Irish symbol showcasing a crowned heart grasped by two hands as a representation of love, loyalty, and friendship, as inscribed on the magnet. The ‘Ireland’ inscription allows you to showcase Irish pride in your kitchen.
■Measures 3.14 inches by 2.75 inches, perfectly sized to attract attention and make a lasting impression on anyone who may glance upon it. The magnet is a lovely way to personalize your kitchen and connect to Irish culture.
■Infused with cultural authenticity and showcasing excellent craftsmanship, our Irish magnet is a versatile present for a homecoming, Irish-themed party, or simply gifted to anyone who enjoys the spirit of the kind, lovely Irish.


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Whether you wish to connect to Irish roots, or make your kitchen space a celebration of heritage, choose our Claddagh Ring Irish Fridge Magnet. This fridge is attentively crafted from 100% resin, a flexible material with a lustrous appearance that will definitely last for a long time to come. Our magnet measures 3.14 inches by 2.75 inches and is designed to elevate your fridge without taking up too much space. You can add a lovely magnetic Irish bottle opener or magnet right next to it and make your kitchen even more special. The Claddagh ring design, an iconic Irish symbol, showcases a crowned heart gently grasped by two hands to represent love, friendship, and loyalty as it is inscribed on the magnet itself. The ‘Ireland’ inscription allows you to display national pride in your kitchen. The vibrant shades of green, red, and yellow on this magnet allude to the lush landscapes, fields, and flora of the Emerald Isle. Our Irish Claddagh fridge magnet is the ideal gift for your loved ones, lovers of all things Irish, or anyone who appreciates the heritage of this wonderful country!