Irish Blessing Fridge Magnet

■This charming Irish fridge magnet is carefully made of polyresin, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance against rust and tarnish. The magnet has an exquisite glaze, making it an eye-catching addition to your decor
■The design of the magnet features an ancient Irish Blessing, bestowing wishes of good fortune. The magnet is richly colored in a multitude of green nuances and incorporates shamrocks, reminiscent of Ireland’s lush landscapes
■With dimensions of 3.14 inches x 2.75 inches, this Irish Blessing magnet is the ideal adornment for a multitude of places such as refrigerators, magnetic tables, and so on. It will surely add a little extra personality to your environment
■Our Irish Blessing Fridge Magnet makes a great gift for any occasion or a unique Irish souvenir for your home. Either way, it will surely put a smile on anyone’s face

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Our Irish Blessing Fridge Magnet is a colorful and unique Irish addition to your home decor!
Constructed of high-quality polyresin, the fridge magnet is highly durable and resistant to rust, guaranteeing many years of use. What makes this piece even more special is its richly detailed design, showcasing an Old Irish Blessing, shamrocks, and an exquisite green color palette to remind you of a happy time spent in Ireland. The blessing presented on the magnet is one of the most popular Irish blessings, bestowing heartwarming wishes of good luck on your life’s path. As for the shamrock, it is commonly correlated with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Legends say that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans when converting them to Christianity.
This Irish fridge magnet measures approximately 3.14 inches x 2.75 inches, the ideal dimensions to add a plus of personality to your home. You can place it on your refrigerator, magnetic table, or in any other place with a magnetic surface - it’s up to your imagination!
A unique gift and souvenir from Ireland, our Irish Blessing Fridge Magnet will impress anyone with its quality craftsmanship, meaningful design, and lively appearance.