Resin Irish Harp Fridge Magnet

■This Irish fridge magnet is made of resistant resin that allows for intricate detailing and durability. Resin is a lightweight material making it easy to handle and display the magnet on your fridge without adding too much weight.
■This fridge magnet is shaped like the Irish harp, a heraldic symbol, representing the sovereignty of Ireland. The Ireland lettering detail allows you to display national pride, while the vibrant colors of the magnet resemble the wonderful Irish landscapes.
■Measuring 3.14” x 2.75”, perfectly sized to showcase details of the Irish design and to add a dash of Irish cultural essence to your fridge or any magnetic surfaces. With our Irish magnet, you will complement your magnet collection.
■The colorful fridge magnet catches the eye and would make a culturally inspired souvenir that reminds you of a happy time spent on the Emerald Isle. It is a lovely gift for friends and family and a celebration of Irish culture.

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Bring a little bit of Ireland to your kitchen with this Resin Irish Harp Fridge Magnet, a lovely way to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. Our fridge magnet is crafted of light resin, a durable material that ensures it will withstand the test of time. Resin is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for keeping your magnets in good condition in your kitchen. The authentic design features the Irish harp, representing the sovereignty of Ireland and the pride of the Irish people. The Irish Harp, dating back to the 12th century, was made famous by bards such as Turlough O'Carolan, the blind harpist and composer. The harp is widely known and recognized as a symbol of Irish pride and heritage, being present on many official Irish documents and coins. The Ireland lettering allows you to display national pride in your home. The vibrant tones of green and yellow allude to the lush Irish landscapes that enchant all visitors. The magnet measures 3.14” x 2.75”, a great size for fitting on your fridge near your collection. This Irish magnet would make a thoughtful gift for friends and family.