Irish White Lamb Soft Toy

■Cute Irish lamb toy made with excellent care for detail, from a soft material that is sure to last, making an exceptional plush companion for little ones
■Designed in the shape of a lovely sheep, a widely appreciated animal for the Irish knitting traditions of Ireland. This cute lamb has a scarf with vibrant colors that allude to wonderful landscapes of the Emerald Isle.
■Our plush toy measures 5.5 inches, ideally sized to be your little one’s soft play companion, or sleep buddy. It will fit in any bag or backpack so you can take it with you on road trips with your children.
■Crafted in Ireland, this toy makes a unique gift for toddlers and newborns. It is a great addition to any toy collection as it will help your little one in his napping time and everyday activities.


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Our Irish White Lamb Soft Toy is the perfect gift for toddlers to play with and celebrate Irish Christmas all at the same time! It is attentively crafted from a soft plush material that will surely withstand the test of time. Our plush is shaped like a cute lamb, an animal that is celebrated in Irish knitting traditions. Its warm wool is weaved into authentic sweaters, throws, or other pieces that are crafted with centuries old techniques. For an extra dash of Irish charm, the lamb has a scarf wrapped around its neck, showcasing vibrant shades of red and green that allude to the naturally beautiful landscapes of the Emerald Isle. Our plush toy measures 5.5 inches, ideally sized to fit in your bags so your little one can enjoy it on the go. Fit for nap time, daily activities, or play dates, our Lamb soft toy is exactly what your children need! Additionally, it allows them to connect to Irish heritage, making a wonderful present for your cuties!