Natural Wax Irish Candle - Irish Lime & Verbena

■Irish candle crafted with 5.29 ounces of 100% pure vegan wax, originating from renewable sources. Showing our commitment to the environment, the wicks are made with unbleached cotton woven with linen thread to ensure a clean 30-hour burn time. 
■With delightful aromas of orange and lime, citrus scents that add a refreshing touch to any space. With a heart of verbena, and a sweet base of amber and musk, this candle will enchant your senses and transform your relaxation ritual.
■Comes in a 3.14” reusable jar crafted from 100% fine, lustrous, porcelain that adds elegance to your home. The design depicts beautiful cherry blossom flowers, as well as a gold trim that creates a sophisticated appearance. 
■Authentically crafted in Galway, this candle showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the Irish! It comes with a matching gift box so you can gift it to your dear ones and make their home feel like an aromatherapy haven.




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Whether you love the ambiental look of burning candles, or want to enjoy the benefits of fine aromas, choose our Natural Wax Irish Candle - Irish Lime & Verbena. This candle is made with great respect for the environment, with 100% pure vegan wax and unbleached cotton wick, interwoven with linen thread to ensure a safe 30 hours-long burn time. The refreshing, citrusy blend of Irish wild lime, orange blossom, a heart note of calming verbena, and the sweet base note of amber are sure to enchant your senses. This blend will turn your home into an oasis of relaxation where you can enjoy the benefits of the finest essential oils used in our candles. The 3.14” reusable jar, made of 100% fine porcelain, is adorned with a cherry blossom pattern that adds a floral, feminine, and elegant touch to the appearance of the candle. The golden trim on the jar makes this candle a sophisticated piece you can reuse later as a decorative trinket. Showcasing the excellent craftsmanship of the Irish, as it is crafted in Galway, our candle makes a perfect gift to your loved ones! It comes in a gift box so you can offer it right away!