Shot Glass with Resin Leprechaun Figurine

■Irish shot glass made with a whimsical figurine, crafted with great attention to detail from 100% resin, a durable material that will withstand scratches, ensuring a qualitative barware piece
■Designed with a whimsy leprechaun, a mythical creature that in Irish folklore is believed to play puns on people and guide the cauldron of treasures. This figurine adds cultural essence and fun to the glass.
■Our shot glass measures 2 inches in length and width, and 2.5 inches in height, ideal for the right amount of your favorite strong liquor. The sturdy base makes it easy to hold and incredibly resilient over time.
■Authentically made in the Emerald Isle, our shot glass is a wonderful blend between meaning and craftsmanship. It makes a lovely gift for your dear ones and can be offered as a set if you wish to celebrate the drinking traditions of Ireland with friends and family.



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Whether you are a believer of the phrase “find the treasure at the end of the rainbow”, or looking for unique barware pieces, choose our authentic Shot Glass with Resin Leprechaun Figurine! It is made with precision from high quality glass and a 100% resin figurine that is sure to last and maintain its lustrous appearance, without any scratches. The design showcases the leprechaun, a creature that causes mischief and protects its treasures in Irish mythology. The pot of gold in the figurine can be found at the end of the rainbow, a symbol of good luck and abundance. The shot glass measures 2 inches in length and width, and 2.5 inches in height ideal for enjoying a perfect amount of your favorite strong drink. You can get a set of our lovely shot glasses and celebrate the centuries-old pub and drinking traditions of the Emerald Isle with your friends and family. Infused with cultural essence, our Irish leprechaun shot glass makes a great gift for any heritage enthusiast, as well as a unique addition to your barware collection!