Hand Painted Ceramic Sheep Bowl

■Ceramic bowl: crafted from 100% ceramic, handpainted, and finished with a glaze for extra protection, this sheep bowl is visually appealing as well as durable and resistant to chipping or high temperatures. This ensures it remains intact in your kitchen and you can enjoy it for an extended period of time
■Irish sheep design: the lovely bowl takes the shape of an Irish sheep, the iconic fluffy animal that dots the lush fields of the Irish countryside and a symbol of Ireland. Incorporating elements of Celtic culture, such as the Irish Shamrock and the Celtic Spiral Knot, it adds cultural richness to your table
■Versatile & practical: with dimensions of 1.57" in height and 5.7" in width, this bowl is perfectly sized for any meal. Its versatility makes it suitable for various uses, from serving your morning cereals, and salads to holding snacks at a gathering with friends, adding a touch of Irish charm to your dining experience
■A unique Irish gift: boasting excellent craftsmanship and a culturally-inspired design, this ceramic sheep bowl makes a superb Irish gift or housewarming present, and will surely stand out as a meaningful and delightful addition to anyone's dinnerware collection

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Add a lovely touch of Irish charm to your dining experience with our Hand Painted Ceramic Sheep Bowl.
Crafted from 100% ceramic, painted by hand, and finished with a protective glaze, this Irish bowl is guaranteed to last in your home, as it is resistant to chipping and high temperatures.
Taking the shape of a lovely Irish sheep – the fluffy animal dotting the lush Irish countryside fields – and incorporating Celtic symbols like the Shamrock and Spiral Knot, this bowl merges aesthetics with cultural richness. The Shamrock is an iconic symbol of Ireland, believed to bring good luck and to represent the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, while the Spiral Knot comes from Celtic culture and is thought to represent the unity of spirit & continual growth.
More than anything, this sheep bowl will be a versatile piece in your dinnerware collection – with dimensions of 1.57" in height and 5.7" in width, it will suit various meal types, bringing a touch of Ireland to every dining occasion. A superb Irish gift, it's perfect for sharing the warmth of Irish culture with loved ones.