Irish Friend Coaster

■This Irish coaster is cork-backed and heat-resistant, great for preventing condensation from beverages or hot cups from damaging furniture and ensuring long-lasting use. 
■This tableware piece features a border of green shamrocks that surround a heartwarming message for a dear one as a reminder of how significant is to find a true friend. 
■This Irish coaster measures 3.94" by 3.94" and is great for protecting surfaces from moisture and heat damage caused by cups, glasses, or mugs. 
■Our culturally-inspired coaster is a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a dear friend on various occasions, or anybody interested in Irish culture or history.

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Bring some Irish charm to your drinking experience with this beautiful Irish Friend Coaster. It is back-corked ensuring to protect the furniture and keep many surfaces clean of stains and spills. The coaster is an ornate tableware decor that features a border of green Shamrocks that surrounds a thoughtful ‘Friend’ saying. It is believed that St. Patrick used this three-leaved shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. In the center the saying ‘Friend-some people live their whole life through and never find a friend like you’ is a reminder of the special connections we make in life, and how significant it is to find a friend who truly understands and supports us. This coaster measures 3.94 inches square, and is fitted for a wide range of drinkware sizes - it is large enough to catch everyone’s attention. The Irish coaster would make a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor and a culturally inspired gift to a loved friend in your life.