Set of 4 Irish Emblem Coasters

■Crafted with a durable cork base, these 4 coasters are highly functional, as they will ensure the stability of any glass or mug and protect your furniture from scratches and spills
■Each coaster features one archetypal symbol that would impress any Irish culture connoisseur: the Irish Harp, the Shamrock, the Celtic Cross, and the Claddagh Ring
■The matching set of coasters showcase the intricate beauty of Celtic motifs, with interwoven knots and swirl patterns in vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow and red
■Coming beautifully arranged in a thematic packaging, this set of 4 coasters makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member passionate about Irish culture

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Our thematic set of 4 Irish coasters is going to be the perfect accessory for serving your favorite beverage with your family or friends
Each coaster showcases one archetypal symbol of the Irish tradition. The Harp represents not only Irish pride and sovereignty but also Ireland’s creative side and cultural expression. The three-leaved Shamrock is a well-known symbol of luck and is associated with the Holy Trinity in Irish folklore. The High Cross is thought to be a reflection of the true hope Celts had and to represent knowledge, strength, and compassion. And lastly, the Claddagh Ring, often present in Irish wedding traditions, symbolizes eternity and unending love. The attentively designed interwoven swirl and knot motifs and the coloring in green, blue, yellow, and red complete each of these distinctive elements..
The coasters are crafted with a cork base that will provide stability and will protect both your drinkware and your furniture from scratches or spills.
This set comes in a beautiful thematic arrangement so you can easily gift it to a dear one on a special occasion, perfect for when you want to celebrate your Irish heritage or St. Patrick's Day.