Irish Harp Mirror Coaster

■Irish harp coaster crafted with the utmost attention to detail from stained glass, a hand-painted material with a sophisticated, lustrous appearance that is sure to elevate your tea drinking experience. The felt backing ensures the coasters will stay on your tables without any slipping. 
■Designed with a traditional Irish harp, a heraldic symbol of the Emerald Isle that serves as a reminder of how important music is and the power it has to bring together communities. The Trinity knots are a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. 
■Measures 3.93” in length and width, an ideal size for any cup or mug, ensuring to keep your tables spill-free. Our coasters will make the perfect addition to your tea, coffee, or drink bar setting, elevating it with its rich shades and compact size. 
■Our Irish coaster is a unique addition to your kitchen accessory collection and a thoughtful present that combines functionality with Irish cultural heritage, guaranteeing to infuse any drinking experience with traditional authenticity.



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Transform your tea or coffee time in a true celebration of Irish culture with our Irish Harp Mirror Coaster! This coaster is crafted with attention to detail, from hand-painted stained-glass, a lustrous material that creates beautiful patterns under the light. The felt backing ensures the coaster will not slip on your table. Measuring 3.93” square, our Irish coaster will perfectly fit any mug, glass, or cup and keep your tables spill-free. The traditional Irish design infuses the coaster with cultural authenticity! The Irish harp displayed in the middle is a heraldic symbol of the Emerald Isle that can be found even on the national currency. It serves as a reminder of the power music has to bring communities together. The Irish have shared their stories through music for decades and this coaster will bring a piece of their traditions to your home. The Trinity knots showcased in each corner is a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, offering a sense of spirituality to the coaster. The perfect souvenir and addition to your kitchen, our coaster is a must-have for any lovers of Irish culture and quality craftsmanship!