Irish Harp Hanging Ornament

■Irish ornament made with great attention to detail from 100% resin, a durable and flexible material that is sure to withstand the test of time and maintain its lustrous appearance
■Designed in the shape of an Irish harp, a heraldic symbol that alludes to the importance of music in the history of the Emerald Isle
■Features shamrock detailing and the Celtic Triskelion knot, representing the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, respectively the three phases of life: youth, adulthood, and old age
■Measures 3.93 inches in height and 3.34 inches in width, ideal for hanging on your Christmas tree or shelves. The green ribbon makes it easy to place wherever you want a dash of Irish charm


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What better way to celebrate your authentic Irish roots, in a festive way, than with our Irish Harp Hanging Ornament? This decoration is made with precision and attention to detail from durable, lustrous 100% resin. It measures 3.93 inches in height and 3.34 inches in width, perfectly sized to fit in your tree for the holidays, shelves, or even as a piece in your table setting for any Irish themed celebration. The green ribbon it comes with makes it easy to hang wherever you want.
What truly sets our ornament apart is the unique culturally-inspired design! It is shaped like a harp, a heraldic symbol that can be found everywhere in the Emerald Isle, including on the national currency. The harp represents the connection between the land and the people, reminding us of a time when history, heritage, and culture were spread through song and verse that binded the Irish together. Additionally, the shamrock detailing represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, while the Celtic Triskelion knot symnbolizes the three stages of life.
Our Irish harp ornament makes the perfect souvenir to remember Ireland and celebrate its heritage!