Irish Sheep Gothic Panel

■Stained Glass Panel: This charming panel is made with stained glass adding sparkles and a pop of color to your home. Stained glass is durable and resistant to sun exposure.
■Irish Design: This colorful stained glass panel features an authentic Irish design showcasing various shamrocks, two blackface sheep, Celtic knotwork, and Ireland lettering. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and a symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity. The Celtic knotwork is a representation of the idea of the interconnectedness of everything in the world.
■Dimensions: This panel measures approximately 7.87 inches in height and 3.74 inches in width, the perfect dimensions to adorn any wall or window in your home. It comes with hooks for hanging. 
■Packaging: The hang comes in a beautiful presentation box, for easy storage. It would make a great gift as it is already packaged and ready to be given. 

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Add pops of color to your home with our Irish stained glass panel. Finely crafted of stained glass, this panel is not only durable and resistant to sun exposure but also rich in detail and eye-catching, keeping its color for many years to come.
The design of the panel is truly Irish, showcasing one of the most adored symbols of Ireland: shamrocks, blackface sheep, and Celtic knotwork. The Shamrock, Ireland’s national flower, is celebrated together with St. Patrick. Legends say that St. Patrick used the three foils of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. Ireland is also famous for its hand-knit Aran sweaters made from the wool of the black-faced mountain sheep that animate the verdant lands of Emerald Island. The interlaced Celtic knotwork symbolizes the idea of eternity and the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.

This panel's approximate dimensions of 7.87 inches in height and 3.74 inches in width make it the ideal size to adorn any window or wall in your house. It has hooks on it for hanging and comes in a charming gift box for easy storage.