Irish Shamrock Gothic Window Hanging

■Crafted from stained glass: This window hanging is made from colored glass that is skilfully painted to add a unique decorative touch to your window and filter the light that’s coming through the window.
■Irish design: This decoration features a gorgeous Shamrock design painted in a Gothic style. The Shamrock symbol is associated with St. Patrick and his mission to convert Ireland to Christianity. 
■Dimensions: This beautiful window hanging measures 7.87″ in height and 3.74″ in width. The decoration comes with a hook to help you hang it easily on any window.
■Comes in a box: This window hanging comes in a gift box, making it the perfect Irish gift to offer for a special occasion like St. Patrick’s Day or a housewarming party. 

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Bring light and Irish charm into any room of your house with our gorgeous Irish window hanging. This unique decoration is crafted from stained glass, a painted colored glass that is simply beautiful to look at. Throughout history, stained glass was used to create window decorations and other objects in churches and temples. Stained glass objects are usually part of a larger architectural design, but they can also be standalone decorative pieces, such as this gorgeous window hanging. This wonderful decoration is painted in the Gothic style of illuminated manuscripts produced by medieval monks or the stained glass windows and frescoes found in Gothic cathedrals and churches. The design features 2 large Shamrocks decorated with Celtic Knots and smaller Shamrock ornaments. According to the legend, the Shamrock was used by St. Patrick to explain the concept of the Trinity to the people of Ireland in an attempt to convert them to Christianity. The Celtic Knot is also often referred to as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. With its beautiful and authentic design, this window hanging would make an excellent decoration for your home or a beautiful Irish gift!