Irish Shamrock Wall Hanging - Polished Brass

■This mild steel wall hang has a polished brass finish for added elegance and durability. Mild Steel is a lightweight and resistant material, making out wall hang a long-lasting decoration

■The wall hang is round-shaped and features Celtic knotwork on the sides and a shamrock leaf in the middle for a traditional look - this piece holds Irish meaning to it

■It is 0.06 inches thick and has a diameter of 12 inches making it the perfect centerpiece for any wall gallery. The hang comes beautifully packaged in a gift box. ■For the best long-term maintenance, dust this mild steel decorative piece from time to time. Avoid cleaning it with abrasive household substances or clothes.

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Add a unique decoration to your house with our Exclusively Irish Shamrock leaf round-shaped wall hang. This wall decoration is made out of mild steel and has a polished brass finish making it resistant to time and giving it an elegant look.

The wall plaque has a round shape with a Shamrock leaf in the middle. Around the shamrock leaf, you can see Celtic knotwork for added cultural details. This piece holds traditional Irish meaning to it, the shamrock is a well-known symbol of Ireland.

With a diameter of 12 inches, this piece will make a good centerpiece for your wall gallery. It comes packaged in a gift box so it would make a thoughtful present for a loved one. For the best long-term maintenance, you should dust it regularly.