Map of Ireland Stained Mirror Coaster

■This Mirror Coaster is created of superior stained glass, a material with long-lasting strength and resistance. The stained glass has a border colored blue, green, red, and orange to resemble the beautiful Irish countryside. The coaster has a useful and long-lasting felt backing that protects your furniture while providing a stylish touch to your table settings.
■The handpainted design captures the beauty and essence of Ireland while incorporating the country’s map and lettering harmoniously. It is embellished with Celtic knotwork from the ancient Book of Kells manuscript. 
■This coaster is 3.93" by 3.93" and is ideal for shielding surfaces from moisture and heat damage caused by cups, glasses, or mugs. Due to its square design, it can accommodate a variety of drinkware sizes, making it a versatile complement to any home.
■Our Map of Ireland Stained Mirror Coaster provides a culturally inspired aesthetic accent to your table or decor, and a thoughtful and meaningful gift for many occasions.

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Our Irish Coaster is a stylish and culturally significant addition to your living space, adding a bit of Irish flair to your home decor. The coaster is made of high-quality stained glass and has an attractive and eye-catching appearance that turns it into a heritage-inspired addition to your home while still serving its functional purpose. The stained mirror has shades of blue, green, red, and orange to resemble the lush Irish countryside. The coaster features a Celtic knotwork border that surrounds the Irish map and Ireland lettering, adding an intricate and artistic touch to the design. The intricate Celtic knots represent the belief in the interconnectivity and eternity of all things in the universe. Ireland is known worldwide for its beautiful landscapes, its kind people, and its historical places. With a square shape and 3.93” by 3.93” dimensions, this coaster is a good size for any drinkware, with enough room for cups, glasses, and mugs. This drinkware accessory is a great option for protecting surfaces from moisture and heat damage. This Map of Ireland Stained Mirror Coaster is an excellent addition to any home decor that honors Irish culture and tradition. Our coaster would be a thoughtful and personal present for someone interested in Irish history and culture.