Cead Mile Failte Stained Mirror Coaster

■Hand-Painted Mirror: crafted from mirror and painted with care, this Irish coaster exudes sophistication and durability. Its reflective surface is visually striking, as well as resistant and long-lasting so you can enjoy this coaster for many years to come. 
■Our coaster features the beloved Irish greeting "Cead Mile Failte," which means "one hundred thousand welcomes." It's the warm and effusive way the Irish welcome each other and visitors to the Emerald Isle
■Convenient size: measuring 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches, this square-shaped coaster is perfectly sized to cradle your favorite mugs or cups, protecting your surfaces from scratches and spills. It comes with a felt backing for added protection against slipping.
■This coaster boasts exquisite craftsmanship and a design inspired by Irish culture. Beyond its functional use, it's a charming piece of decor and a thoughtful gift or souvenir that brings the warmth and tradition of Ireland to anyone's home

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Our Cead Mile Failte Stained Mirror Coaster is a stunning piece that will greet anyone to your tea or coffee sessions with warmth and Irish charm.
Crafted from mirror and hand-painted with attention to detail, this coaster isn't just visually stunning but also durable and resistant. Its reflective surface adds an element of sophistication to your decor, which will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests!
This coaster displays the beloved Irish greeting "Cead Mile Failte," meaning "one hundred thousand welcomes." It's the spirited way the Irish embrace both one another, as well as visitors to the Emerald Isle. The Triquetra symbols also bring meaning and culture to this design, as they are a beautiful representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity.
Measuring 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches, this square coaster is the perfect fit for your mugs, cups, and glasses, shielding your surfaces from potential scratches and spills. Its felt backing ensures your tabletops remain unblemished, and ensures the coaster will not slip.
Crafted with care and attention to detail, this Cead Mile Failte Stained Mirror Coaster boasts quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Whether for your own daily use or as a thoughtful gift, this Irish coaster will surely catch everyone's attention.