Cead Mile Failte Irish Christmas Bauble

■Lovely Irish bauble in vibrant tones, is a tiny decoration that celebrates Ireland’s heritage. Its uses are really versatile: it can be placed on your shelf, as a piece for your dinner table, in your room, or on your Christmas tree for the special seasons.
■Features the traditional Irish greeting “Cead Mile Failte” that translates to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ and is a lovely message that shows respect and appreciation for anyone who enters your house.
■This charming piece is designed with exquisite Celtic knotwork, arranged in complex loops and circles that were thought to represent protection, love, eternity, and interconnectivity of all things in life.
■Our bauble measures 3 inches in diameter and comes with a delicate ribbon so you can easily hang it wherever you like, for an extra touch of style and uniqueness in your home.

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Add a small yet meaningful accent piece to your home with our Cead Mile Failte Bauble. Perfect for placing on your tables, shelves, or in the Christmas tree for a touch of Irish celebration, this bauble is the right choice for you, or for a gift you would like to make. It comes with a matching-tones ribbon so you can hang it wherever you wish. Measuring around 3 inches in diameter, this decoration is the right size to catch attention and create a beautiful visual effect. Designed with stunning Celtic knots and the traditional Irish greeting “Cead Mile Failte”, translating to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ this piece is a beautiful wish for all those who come into your home. The tiny size of this piece, together with its grand meaning of cheerful hospitality make this Irish bauble an excellent choice for completing your decoration collection.