Irish Cead Mile Failte Rope Plaque

■This unique plaque made from ceramic is a long-lasting decoration that celebrates Irish heritage, is a great addition to any home, featuring a satin rope so you can easily place it on the walls. 
■Excellently designed with Celtic knotwork, this beautiful decoration has great meaning. In the past, the Celts associated these interweaving loops with eternity, protection, love, and the interconnectivity of elements in life.
■The “Cead Mile Failte” inscription placed at the center of the plaque is a traditional Irish greeting that translates to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’, a simple yet profound way of welcoming guests into your household. 
■Measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, this Irish decoration is the right size accessory for decorating any room, according to personal preference, ensuring you will be complimented on your style and attention to detail.

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Add Irish charm to your home with our Cead Mile Failte Rope Plaque, an eye-catching accessory to be placed on any wall. Sided by a vibrant satin rope, this plaque is durable and easily hung. The pattern seen all around represents Celtic knots, arranged in symmetric patterns that were considered to represent protection, love, or eternity. The inscription at the center “Cead Mile Failte”, is a traditional Irish greeting translating to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ and is a great wish for any guests entering your home. Measuring approximately 6 inches in diameter, this cute decoration is the perfect Irish accent for any enthusiast of this culture, or for making a thoughtful gift. Our vibrant and meaningful plaque brings a lively touch to any room, ensuring you will enjoy a gorgeous decoration every day!