Irish Claddagh Ring Door Knocker- Brass

■Brass Door Knocker: Made of solid brass, this circular door knocker guarantees high-quality resistance and strength. Brass is a sturdy material that does not rust or tarnish, making our door knocker the ideal door ornament.

■Satin Nickel Finish: The door knocker has a satin nickel finish for a gleaming, sleek look as well as added layer of sturdiness and durability - the perfect combination for long-lasting use

■Irish Claddagh design: A representation of infinite love and commitment, the Claddagh has won the hearts of many people due to its symbolism. Many stories say that the first Claddagh ring was created by an Irish seafarer as a tribute to his lost love.

■Care and Dimensions: It is the perfect size for any door, measuring 5.5" wide x 5.5" long. For the best results, please dust it from time to time with a soft cloth.

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If you're thinking about adding some cultural art to your home's decor, then our Exclusively Irish Large Claddagh Circular Door Knocker - Satin Nickle is the perfect addition. It is crafted with high attention to detail using brass, a solid and highly durable metal. This door knocker is not only weather and tarnish-resistant but also shiny and eye-catching due to its satin nickel finish - it won’t go unnoticed.

What makes this door knocker special is its culturally-inspired design featuring a Claddagh. The Claddagh ring, which features a crowned heart held by two hands, is an Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty all contained in one. According to legends, a seafarer who was captured at sea created the first Claddagh ring to honor his commitment to a lost love.

To maintain this brass door knocker at its finest quality, please avoid using abrasive cleaners on it - you can use a damp cloth instead.