Slainte Stained Glass Mirror Coaster

■Hand-painted on mirror: this sophisticated coaster is crafted from mirror and painted by hand, embodying durability and elegance, making it a lasting piece of decor for your dinnerware collection
■Featuring the Irish saying "Slainte" – which translates into 'Good Health' or 'Cheers', this coaster captures the essence of Irish toasting and friendship. It's a delightful reminder of the warm and welcoming Irish spirit
■Measuring 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches, this square-shaped coaster is perfectly sized to cradle your mugs or cups, safeguarding your surfaces from scratches and spills while adding a touch of Irish charm to your tea or coffee sessions
■This mirror coaster boasts exquisite craftsmanship and a design deeply inspired from Irish culture. A stunning piece of dinnerware decor, it makes a meaningful gift or souvenir that shares the warmth and tradition of the Emerald Isle

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Add a touch of Irish charm to your tea and coffee sessions with our Slainte Stained Glass Mirror Coaster – a stunning piece that will leave a long-lasting impression on anyone. This 'Slainte' coaster is more than just a protector of your surfaces – it's a toast to the heartwarming Irish spirit.
Crafted with care from mirror, this coaster is visually appealing as well as sturdy and resistant. The hand-painted mirror will add a touch of Irish artistry to your home.
At the heart of this coaster, you'll find the word "Slainte," a common Irish toast that means "Good Health" or "Cheers." It's a reminder of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere found in Irish pubs when glasses clink together – and the perfect way to transpose it in your own home!
Measuring 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches, this square-shaped coaster will cradle your mugs or cups perfectly, protecting any surfaces from scratches and spills.
This coaster reflects the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Emerald Isle. Whether you're using it in your daily life or gifting it to a loved one, this coaster is surely going to bring warmth and meaning to any home.