Trinity Knot Stained Glass Mirror Coaster

■This Trinity Knot Stained Glass Mirror Coaster is made of mirror and beautifully hand-painted, exuding refinement and longevity. Its reflective surface is gorgeous, resistant, and long-lasting, assuring that this coaster will be in your collection for a long time.
■Featuring intricate Trinity Knots, a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, this coaster goes beyond aesthetics. The colorful design resembles the wildflowers from the Irish landscapes.
■This coaster is 3.93" in length and width, making it the perfect size for any cup or mug, keeping your tables spill-free. Our coasters will complement your tea, coffee, or drink bar environment, elevating it with their rich colors. 
■Created with cultural authenticity in mind, the coaster is the ideal present for anyone who admires Ireland's long-standing traditions. This coaster is a very unique addition to your kitchen, whether paired with a Celtic mug or an Irish breakfast tea.

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Our Trinity Knot Stained Glass Mirror Coaster is a functional and practical piece for your mugs and cups, as well as a representation of Celtic tradition and Irish artistry. This coaster emanates sophistication and longevity because it is made of sturdy mirror and hand-painted with care. Its reflecting surface is not only beautiful, but it is also resistant to everyday use. The coaster has a vibrant yellow, green, and red pattern inspired by the lush Irish landscapes. The Trinity knot, which serves as the coaster's centerpiece, represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity and the Celtic belief in the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. It's a lovely depiction of the Celts' deep-rooted ideals and spirituality. This square coaster, measuring 3.93 inches by 3.93 inches, is precisely designed to cradle your favorite beverages while keeping your surfaces scratch-free and spill-free. Whether you buy it for yourself or a loved one, this coaster is a charming addition to any kitchenware collection, especially for fans of all things Irish and great craftsmanship!