Irish High Cross Gothic Panel

■Made of stained glass, a high-quality material often used to create beautiful works of art, this High Cross window hanging is not only aesthetic but also durable, made to last for generations to come. 
■The design features a Celtic Cross painted in vibrant nuances of green, yellow, orange, and purple. In Celtic tradition, the cross is thought to be a reflection of the true hope Celts had and to represent knowledge, strength, and compassion. The center ring is reminiscent of the Celtic symbol of infinite love. 
■The Window Hanging is sized at 7.8 inches in height and 3.7 inches in width, making it the ideal decoration for any space. Coming with hooks that allow easy display on any window or wall. 
■It comes in a beautiful thematic box featuring Celtic designs in the same colors as the decoration, which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. With such a fine presentation, this window hanging will catch the eyes of Celtic culture admirers.

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If you are looking to add color to your own home or to make a unique present for a dear friend, this High Cross Window Hanging is an excellent choice.

It is made of stained glass, a material traditionally used for the crafting of unique decorations. The stained glass ensures the ultimate quality and durability for the years to come.

Painted with utmost attention to detail in beautiful colors of green, orange, and purple, this item is a true work of art that will elevate the aesthetic of your home. The detailing of the High Celtic Cross, an all too common symbol throughout Ireland and a sign of hope, knowledge, strength, and compassion, highlights the excellent craftsmanship that would impress any Celtic culture connoisseur.

At a height of 7.8 inches and width of 3.7 inches and coming with hooks, it can be easily displayed in front of the window or on the wall. You will receive it in an elegant box that matches the decoration, so it can easily be gifted to a dear one.