Irish Trinity Knot Stained Glass Panel

■Made of Stained Glass: This Irish panel is made of high-quality stained glass, a material with great durability and resistance over time. Besides that, stained glass is richly colored, providing an eye-catching appearance
■Celtic Design: This stained glass panel features a culturally inspired design, showcasing a Trinity Knot, a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. The Triquetra is also a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish culture
■Ideal Dimensions: The panel measures approximately 6.29 inches in height and comes with a chain, being perfect to be displayed in any place of your choice: on a window for a unique light interplay, or on a wall for a stylish decor addition
■Gift Idea: Given its excellent craftsmanship and cultural design, our exquisite panel makes an unforgettable gift idea for any special occasion, or even a thoughtful gesture to show someone you care about them. Either way, the panel will surely put a smile on anyone’s face

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Our Irish Trinity Knot Stained Glass Panel makes a unique and meaningful gift from Ireland! Authentically inspired by the Irish heritage, the panel incorporates an exquisitely detailed Trinity knot, a symbol of eternity and connectedness. The Trinity knot, or Triquetra, is also regarded as a representation of the Christian Holy Trinity in Irish culture, imbuing the panel with deep symbolism. Besides that, the panel is colored in nuances of blue, green, red, and orange, alluding to the lush Irish landscapes.
The panel is crafted of stained glass, a high-quality material that is highly durable and resistant, assuring to maintain its colors lively for years to come. It is 6.29 inches tall and comes with a chain, being ideal for hanging in any location: on a window for an extraordinary light interplay, or on a wall for an attractive interior art addition. The panel will also make a unique gift idea for a variety of occasions. Either way, it will surely add drops of cultural authenticity to any space.