Celtic Trinity Knot Post Earrings

■Made of 100% fine Sterling Silver, a metal that promises durability, quality, and an immaculate shine. It also has great scratch and rust resistance that offers even more longevity.

■The earrings’ design incorporates elegant 14k gold accents that bring a plus of beauty and sophistication creating a beautiful contrast of colors. Gold also offers more durability, longevity, and rust resistance.

■These wonderful earrings feature Celtic Trinity knots that hold cultural meaning. The Trinity knot is a symbol used in Celtic Culture to represent unity, continuity, and interconnectedness.

■These post earrings are the perfect size for an eye-catching yet still classy accessory. They are approximately 0.3 x 1 inches (0.99 cm W x 2.54 cm H).

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Our exquisite Celtic Trinity Knot Silver and Gold Post Earrings are a true work of art! These charming earrings are made from the finest quality sterling silver a metal that provides longevity, durability, and an unmatched shine. It also ensures great rust and scratch resistance. Elegant gold accents decorate this piece creating a unique contract between colors and textures. These earrings feature stunning Celtic trinity knots that carry cultural meaning. The Trinity knot is a powerful symbol that symbolizes the three-fold nature of life, such as the past, present, and future, being a symbol of unity, continuity, and interconnectedness, making it a popular choice for jewelry designs. Measuring approximately 0.3 x 1 inches (0.99 cm W x 2.54 cm H), these earrings are the perfect size to make a statement.