Hand Painted Ceramic Sheep Figurine

■This lovely figurine is beautifully made from ceramic, a high-quality material that combines durability, resistance, and elegance which makes it the ideal combination for long-term use. It would make a great table centerpiece or even a garden ornament.
■This sheep-shaped figurine is beautifully adorned with Celtic Triple Spirals and shamrocks. The Celtic Triple Spiral is a symbol of continuous movement and change, whereas the shamrock is a symbol of Irish pride and Christianity. 
■Authentically crafted in Ireland, this figurine pays tribute to the sheep that populate the verdant Irish lands. A symbol of Ireland, the sheep has become an unforgettable part of the Irish landscape.
■The figurine has dimensions of 3.93 inches by 3.34 inches and comes with an attached tag. For the best results, simply wipe your ceramic figurine with a soft cloth to remove dust particles. 

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Bring Ireland closer to you with our adorable Sheep figurine. Crafted out of high-quality ceramic, this figurine will become your favorite home decoration due to its great durability and sleek appearance. It would make a nice centerpiece for a table, desk, fireplace, or even a lively addition to your garden. The figurine is designed in the shape of a sheep that is beautifully decorated with Irish and Celtic motifs. The Triskelion or Celtic Triple Spiral is an ancient symbol that represents the idea of never-ending movement and transformation. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and is considered to be a good fortune charm. It is also associated with St. Patrick and Christianity.

Authentically made and designed in Ireland, this charming figurine is a salute to the sheep that animate the green Irish fields. People often joke about the fact that there are more sheep in Ireland than Irishmen. No matter whether you want to gift this piece to someone or buy it as a souvenir for yourself, this sheep figurine will effortlessly enliven any space.