Eternity Celtic Knot Pendant with Genuine Black Spinel

■This exquisite pendant is made of the finest Sterling Silver and has 14k Gold accents. Sterling silver is famous for being a long-lasting, durable material that is shiny, rust-resistant, and lightweight

■The pendant is adorned with a rare and beautiful Genuine Black Spinel gemstone, which makes it a unique piece. It's said that the name 'Spinel' comes from the Latin, 'Spina' which means thorn

■This astonishing pendant features a Celtic Knotwork Design. The Celtic looped pattern has no start or finish and is thought to represent the eternity of life and the idea of interconnectedness

■The Celtic Knotwork Silver Pendant measures 0.30 x 1.42 inches and it comes together with a Large Box Silver Chain, measuring 18 inches - this piece of jewelry will give a touch of refinement to your outfit 

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Wear your heritage in style with our Celtic Knotwork Silver Pendant. Skillfully made from 100% Sterling Silver, the pendant has great longevity and rust resistance. Besides that, Sterling Silver is lightweight and will keep its shine for many years to come. In order to maintain its finest form, keep it away from moisture and sun exposure. This beautiful necklace is inspired by the Celtic heritage featuring the Trinity Knot which is a symbol of eternity, unity, and never-ending love. It also has a strong connection to the Trinity in Christianity. This precious stone makes this pendant an outstanding accessory and must-have jewelry in your collection. The Genuine Black Spinel is a true rare gemstone - it's said that the name 'Spinel' comes from the Latin, 'Spina' which means thorn referring to the sharp crystal formations it's made up of. An 18 inches Large sterling silver Box Chain comes together with the pendant. The pendant measures 0.30 x 1.42 inches and it will add a touch of sophistication to your look. Our Celtic necklace will make a heartwarming gift for anyone who wants to proudly display their cultural background.