Interlocking Celtic Knot Pendant in Silver and 14K Gold

■This outstanding pendant is made of 925 Sterling Silver with 14k Gold accents, which are the fine metals that keep their gleaming appearance and durability over time. Sterling silver and 14k gold are guaranteed for life because they will not tarnish or rust.

■The pendant is beautifully shaped in a Celtic Knot form and embellished with tiny Triquetras. Celtic knotwork is universally associated with the ideas of interconnectedness and continuity of all things in the universe, making this pendant truly meaningful.

■This luxurious pendant measures 1.14 inches wide by 1.53 inches tall and comes with a dazzling 18-inch sterling silver chain so you can start wearing it right away. ■This piece of jewelry comes in a lovely presentation box for safekeeping. It would make a thoughtful gift since it is already packaged and ready to give. 

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Add a little dazzle to your everyday looks with our Celtic Knot necklace. This piece is made of high-quality metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold accents and is guaranteed to last a lifetime because it does not rust or tarnish. This necklace effortlessly combines strength and gleam, making it an indispensable addition to any jewelry collection. Besides its luxurious appearance and sturdiness, what makes this necklace even more special is its culturally-inspired design. Showcasing a Celtic Knot adorned with a multitude of Triquetras, the pendant’s design is a true work of art, inspired by the sacred Book of Kells. In Celtic traditions, the Triquetra, or Celtic Trinity Knot, represents the phases of the moon (half-moon, full moon, total eclipse), the three ages of man (birth, life, and death), or the Triple Celtic Goddess (the Maiden, Mother, and Crone). In our modern time, it is correlated with the Christian Holy Trinity. The pendant is approximately 1.14 inches wide by 1.53 inches tall and comes with a sparkling 18-inch sterling silver chain, so you can start wearing it immediately. This piece of jewelry comes in a lovely presentation box and would make a unique gift idea for any special occasion.