Silver Four Point Knot Celtic Cross Pendant

■Displaying great attention to detail, this pendant is made from sterling silver, a durable glistening material that will not rust or tarnish. You will enjoy this unique piece for years to come, without worrying about corrosion.

■The design features the Celtic cross, a traditional symbol, reminiscent of this culture’s faith. The cross is meant to represent compassion, strength, knowledge, and infinite love. The four points of the cross can be associated with the four directions, or with the mind, body, soul, and heart.

■Shown at the center of the cross there is a beautiful Celtic four-pointed knot. The loops are meant to represent natural elements, the four directions, or seasons, intertwined to achieve harmony and balance.

■The pendant measures 1.7 inches in height, not including the bale. This piece can be styled with all outfits for a touch of spiritual elegance. You can easily place this piece around your neck since it comes with a matching 18-inch chain. 

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Perfect for all enjoyers of Celtic culture, this Celtic Cross With Four Point Knot Silver Pendant makes a great addition to any jewelry collection. Manufactured from durable sterling silver, this piece will not rust or tarnish, ensuring long time use. The pendant is designed in the shape of a Celtic cross, a visual representation of the Celts’ faith. The four points of the cross resemble the four cardinal points, as well as the four natural elements, or the mind, soul, body, and spirit. The intricate knotwork at the center of the cross represents the interconnectivity of all things in life. The pendant measures 1.7 inches in height and comes with its own 18-inch matching chain.