Eternity Celtic Knot Pendant with Emerald

■This exquisite pendant is crafted from the finest sterling silver and features 14K gold accents. Sterling silver is known as a shiny, rust-resistant, lightweight, long-lasting, and durable material.

■This pendant is embellished with dazzling Emerald Glass, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Emerald Glass adds a pop of color and boldness to the rest of the design.

■This stunning pendant features a Celtic knot pattern design. Celtic loop patterns have no beginning or end and are meant to represent the eternity of life - it also has a connection with the Christian Holy Trinity

■The Celtic Knotwork Silver Pendant measures 0.30 x 1.42 inches and comes with an 18-inch silver chain to add a sophisticated touch to your outfit 

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Show off your Celtic roots in an authentic way with this Celtic Knotwork Silver Pendant. This timeless piece of jewelry is crafted using the finest quality Irish hallmarked sterling silver, being elegant and durable - it will last a lifetime with proper care. This necklace is adorned with vivid-colored Emerald Glass stone. The pendant features a Celtic Knot design that represents the eternity of life. The Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic motif that symbolizes the union between the mind, body, and spirit. It also has a connection with the Trinity in Christianity. Measuring 0.30 x 1.42, the pendant has a high-quality 18-inch Large Box Silver Chain included. Our Celtic jewelry makes a truly special gift for any woman in your life.