Scottish Thistle Breakfast Tea - 50 bags

■This tea caddy contains a wonderful Scottish breakfast tea that will deliver a unique and satisfying experience. The tin is made of durable and rust-resistant metal that keeps the tea fresh for a longer period.
■The tin’s design features the famous Scottish thistle, a symbol of the bravery, devotion, and determination of the Scots. The blue caddy is adorned with intricate golden Celtic knotwork representing the Celts' belief in the connectivity of all things in the universe.
■The tin has a net weight of 4.40 ounces and can be reused over and over. The box contains 50 tea bags so they won't be running out on you anytime soon.
■Our caddy of Scottish breakfast tea is a lovely gift for your friends and family. This rich and robust brew embodies the Scottish character with a strong, smooth finish to awaken the taste buds.

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This Scottish Thistle Breakfast Tea Caddy is a must-have for all tea lovers. The tin includes 50 bags of rich and robust tea with a strong and smooth finish for a satisfying experience. Harmoniously combining the refined taste with color, this Scottish tea can complement meals or snacks. The tea is supplied in a premium-quality metallic tin, a great option for storing infusions because it protects the tea from all the factors that could reduce its quality. With a net weight of 4.40 ounces, the caddy can be reused over and over. The 50 tea bags will offer you a refined taste for an unforgettable experience. Along with being highly useful, this vintage-looking tin captures the spirit of Scotland, a reminder of Scots’ bravery. The design features intricate Celtic Knotwork and the treasured Scottish thistle renowned for its delicate flower heads, sharp thorns, and defiant ability to flourish. Choose this Scottish Thistle Breakfast Tea for your tea sessions or family gatherings.