Scottish Thistle Tea Set - Mug, Breakfast Tea & Tea Towel

■Set includes: 1 Scottish Thistle Mug,1 thistle Tea Towel and Scottish breakfast Tea. This gorgeous Scottish set is designed to highlight the Scottish thistle, the national flower of Scotland. The thistle, which can grow up to five feet in height, has been a symbol of Scotland and the Scots since the age of Vikings
■This colorful mug is the perfect design for your morning cup of coffee or tea. Created in the Scottish thistle style of ancient Celtic manuscripts, this mug has a deep and historical meaning that goes beyond its beautiful and colorful design.
■This blend of Scottish breakfast tea is as invigorating as it is steadying, with a perfectly-balanced color and flavor achieved from the careful hand-mixing of teas harvested in Assam, Ceylon, and India. You’ll taste the authenticity from the very first sip
■This kitchen tea towel is a must have in any house or kitchen. Whether you're wiping up spills, taking a hot pot out of the oven, or simply looking for something to brighten up your kitchen, this item is the ideal gift for lovers of Ireland and Celtic symbols
■Royal Tara specializes in creating bold contemporary designs and functional gifts and souvenirs. Based in County Galway, Ireland, for over 50 years, Royal Tara brings new life to household objects with their bold designs and stylish finishes.

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The blend of loose leaf perfectly compliments any meal and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It is a perfect for any time of the day.It has a strong, yet smooth taste, and also a rich flavor that make this Scottish breakfast tea a delightful morning treat.This fine blend of the best Scottish Breakfast Tea makes for a perfect breakfast tea.