Scottish Tea Collection of 2 Mugs & Breakfast Tea

■SET: Set contains 2 Scottish Cups and Scottish Tea in bags
■SCOTTISH BREAKFAST TEA: The tin contains 50 individual tea bags. Net Weight: 4.40oz/125g | Gross Weight: 8.80oz/295g
■SCOTTISH THISTLE DESIGN: This gorgeous mug is designed to highlight the Scottish thistle, the national flower of Scotland. The thistle, which can grow up to five feet in height, has been a symbol of Scotland and the Scots since the age of Vikings, when legend has it that an invading nighttime raider stepped on one and cried out, alerting a sleeping Scots army to their position
REUSABLE TIN: This tin can be refilled with any tea of your choice.
■CAPACITY: Every mug holds 375ml (approx. 13 fl oz).
■RAMPANT LION CUP: This mug stands out with an intricate design that features the Rampant Lion along with ornate Celtic patterns in rich shades of yellow, red, blue, and green.

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