Scottish Weave Breakfast Tea- 50 Teabags

■This Scottish Breakfast tea is constructed out of the finest tea blend, exquisitely balancing the strong taste with an inviting color - the perfect combination for an unforgettable experience. 
■The tea is packaged in an excellent quality metallic canister that is both luxurious-looking and practical. It can be reused as tin or caddy for future tea storage or for something else of your choice. The metal tea canister protects the tea from all of the elements that could degrade its quality, making it an excellent choice for storing infusions.
■The design of the canister beautifully combines a wide variety of knots and swirls in a multitude of colors and shades. It is inspired by the style of the 9th-century Celtic manuscripts.
■There are 50 teabags in the canister. With a net weight of 0.27 pounds and a gross weight of 0.65 pounds, this tea set will make a heartwarming gift for any tea lover in your life.

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Enjoy the uniqueness of the Scottish taste with our Scottish Breakfast 50 teabags. The infusions come from the finest tea blend, finely combining the strong, rich flavor with an inviting color - each mouthful of this tea is an unforgettable experience.

The tea comes in a high-quality metallic canister that is not only incredibly charming but also practical - it will protect the tea from degradation and will help preserve its best quality for long periods of time. It can be reused for tea storage or kept as a souvenir. The design of the canister is lavishly detailed featuring a rich palette of patterns inspired by the style of the 9th-century Celtic manuscripts.

This Scottish tea will become your favorite breakfast drink and will surely put a smile on your tea-lover friend’s face.