Open Front Cable Knit Cardigan

■ 100% Merino Wool blend - This cardigan is made from 100% Merino wool blend, which is a luxurious type of wool that is highly sought after for its plush softness, moisture-wicking breathability, and insulating warmth.
■ Cable Stitching - A lovely tapestry of Aran cable braid stitching decorates this sweater jacket from top to bottom, adding brilliant volume, texture, and beauty. The cable stitches represent hopes for success.
■ Open Design - This cardigan has an open front with no zipper or buttons, giving it a laid-back look that is also convenient for quickly layering up or down or clothing changes.
■ Long Length - The longer-than-average length of this sweater jacket not only provides extra warmth but creates an elongating effect that will flatter women of various shapes, sizes, and heights. It also adds a formal touch that complements evening looks.

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Whether you are indoors or outdoors, stay warm with chic versatility with this Open Front Cable Knit Cardigan! This convenient piece is made of pure and luxurious Merino wool blend that will make you feel warm, relaxed, and comfortable. Wonderfully displayed on the long cardigan are Aran patterns that include chunky braided cable stitching, which brings this piece to life with striking texture and volume. The flat ribbed collar adds a laid-back feel and can be worn easily with thick collared tops like turtlenecks. The open, button-less design of this cardigan makes it easy to layer up or down with other pieces as the weather warms up or cools down. Wear this fabulous cardigan every day with both casual and formal looks!