Mens Zipper Knit Cardigan

■  Made with Qualitative 100% Merino Wool – this cardigan is knit using Soft Merino Wool that is comfortable and  has high durability

■ Traditional and authentic Aran Stitches Design – our stunning garment embodies a blend of diversified antique stitches such as diamond, cable, and basket textures

■ Ageless and Chic Shawl Collar – an everlasting design that will add sparkles of class to the overall look

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Choose to feel both stylish and comfortable this season with our versatile Mens Zipper Knit Cardigan. Our knit wool sweater is made of High-Quality Merino Wool, a natural and hypoallergenic material that is highly breathable and doesn’t produce skin discomforts. Besides being a durable and sturdy material, Merino Wool has moisture-wicking and thermo regulating properties which makes wearing it a great experience no matter the season.

This men’s cardigan combines in a refined manner the aesthetic and practical features creating a unique piece that should not miss from your closet. This knit garment incorporates various traditional stitches including diamond, cable, and basket designs. The Aran stitches resemble different historical and cultural moments in the life of a regular Islander of the 19th and 20th centuries. The cable stitch suggests the ropes used by the Irish fishermen who adventurously sailed on the ocean in order to provide goods for their families. The diamond texture resembles the fishing meshes, being a symbol of wealth and opulence. On the same note, the basket stitch represents the image of the fishermen’s baskets and suggests the hopes for a bountiful catch. Our classy cardigan features two functional pockets and a handy zipper that confers extra comfort. The shawl collar is a trendy design that allows flexibility and adds sophistication. Our sweater comes in three elegant colors and a variety of sizes, from S to 3XL. For the best results, please follow our care recommendations: hand wash at low temperatures and dry on a flat surface. Embrace your heritage with our traditional and meaningful Men's Zipper Knit Cardigan.