Full Zip Mens Cable Knit Cardigan

■ 100% Soft Merino Wool - Merino wool is both luxurious and practical thanks to its incredible softness and breathable comfort. It is an excellent option for fall and winter thanks to the natural insulation that merino wool provides.

■ Ribbed Collar - A ribbed color is a nice touch that elevates the casual look of this cardigan. It is the perfect stylish addition to an everyday garment.

■ Patch Pockets - Patch pockets have great functionality because they're wide and roomy, but they also have an aesthetic function thanks to their sporty look.

■ Full Zipper- The full zipper that runs from the collar to the hem makes the cardigan very easy to put on or take off and allows you to wear the cardigan as a stylish layer.

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If the cold weather is just around the corner, here’s a great garment to keep the cold at bay. This cardigan is made from 100% merino wool, a fabric with natural crimps that act as insulators and keep you warm and comfortable, even when it’s raining or snowing and the fabric gets wet. The cardigan also features a full zipper, as well as a super stylish ribbed collar and patch pockets. This cardigan is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe in the cold season!