Large Celtic Fern Leather Journal

■Our Celtic Journal is made from premium leather, drum dyed to achieve a rich color and durable finish to last a lifetime. The embossed leather covering accented with a matching pewter button clasp creates a beautifully intricate and classic look.
■The spirit of Ireland’s nature inspires the fern leaf design that appears all over the cover and on the matching button clasp. In Ireland, the plant was known as the fern of God and a sacred tree to the druids and symbolizes positive change, the life-death-rebirth process, a good example of how life is constantly on the move.
■This versatile journal is refillable and has standard blank booklet inserts. The large journal measures 6" x 9" and provides ample space for expressive writing, sketching, or organizing thoughts.
■Our one-of-a-kind piece is the ideal addition to the office and a perfect travel journal, nature notebook, gardening planner, or diary. You can also offer this culturally inspired gift to your loved ones or anyone who likes Irish mythology.

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OD-JLM29 Fern


Whether you are a lover of holding diaries, writing, to-do lists or just searching for a gift for a loved one, our Large Celtic Fern Leather Journal is the perfect choice. This notebook is crafted from premium leather, drum dyed for durability, and features an embossed leather covering with a pewter button clasp for a classic and elegant look. The symbolism behind the fern leaf design, representing positive change and the cycle of life-death-rebirth, aligns beautifully with its constant movement—a profound reflection of life itself. Moreover, the fern's significance as a sacred tree to Druids adds depth to the journal's symbolism, infusing it with cultural and mythological significance. Measuring 6" x 9", this refillable journal offers plenty of space for creative expression, be it through writing, drawing, or organizing thoughts. The versatile notebook is a suitable companion for various purposes, whether for personal journaling, jotting down ideas, or keeping track of tasks and schedules. The Celtic journal is a thoughtful and distinctive gift for your loved ones adding a unique and meaningful touch