Wine Celtic Hound Leather Large Journal

■Our Celtic journal is meticulously crafted of premium leather, a durable material ensuring long-lasting use. The sturdy covers are drum-dyed for a durable finish and a gorgeous wine-shade color. The pewter button clasp ensures secure close.
■The design is inspired by the intricate dog illuminations in the ancient Book of Kells manuscript. Hounds appeared throughout the legends of the pan-Gaelic culture of Highland Scotland and Ireland, such as the story of the 'Hound of Ulster' symbolizing loyalty, devotion, and guardianship. The hounds are twisted into an intricate Celtic knotwork representing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. 
■This large notebook is refillable and comes with a standard blank booklet inside, great for writing down notes, memoirs, or diaries. Measuring 6” by 9” you can easily place it on your desk, or nightstand, as well as in your bag for daily errands and travels. 
■Our Celtic notebook would make a lovely present for someone loved in your life on various occasions. The journal is the perfect addition to your office stationery collection, a symbol of appreciation for the history and culture of Ireland.

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OD-JLC02 Wine


Infuse your writing experience with Celtic charm and start journaling your thoughts with our Wine Celtic Hound Leather Large Journal. This notebook is made with attention to detail, featuring sturdy leather covers that are drum-dyed to achieve beautiful wine-shade color and a durable finish. The pewter button clasp has the functional purpose of securely closing the journal but also for the visual and tactile experience it provides. What makes this notebook unique is its design inspired by the dog illuminations and the intricate Celtic Knotwork in the ancient Book of Kells manuscript. The hounds appeared throughout the Scottish and Irish legends and symbolize devotion, guardianship, and loyalty. The Celtic Knotwork appears on the pewter button clasp and surrounds the hounds in a neverending swirl. Measuring 9” in length and 6” in width, our Celtic journal perfectly fits in your backpack or bag for on-the-go journaling, capturing thoughts, experiences, or inspirations whenever and wherever you strike.The refillable standard blank booklet inside offers the flexibility to swap out filled pages with new ones, ensuring that you can continuously use and cherish them over time. This writing accessory would make a gorgeous present for your loved ones or anyone passionate about Irish and Celtic heritage!