Saddle Celtic Horse Leather Journal - Small

■Leather cover: meticulously crafted from 100% premium leather, boasting durability and also adding a luxurious touch to this journal. The leather cover is resistant and will withstand the test of time, making the journal a lasting repository for your thoughts, sketches, and daily reflections
■The richly detailed embossment of the Celtic Horses on the cover is thought to symbolize progress and perpetual progress. The horse design is complemented by intricate Celtic knotwork, echoing the ancient Celtic belief in the interconnectedness of all things and the eternity of life. The matching metal button clasp adds a touch of elegance to this culturally-inspired design
■Compact yet versatile, our leather journal measures 4 ¾ " x 7". Inside, a blank booklet provides ample space for journaling, note-taking, or setting your daily agenda. The journal is refillable, allowing you to continue capturing your thoughts even after the pages we provide you with pages are filled
■Boasting Irish craftsmanship and a culturally-inspired design, this journal makes for a perfect gift. Beyond its functional appeal, the journal embodies the richness of Celtic culture and symbolism, making it a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates heritage 

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OD-JSC08 Saddle


Our Saddle Celtic Horse Leather Journal - Small is the perfect notebook for you to write down your thoughts, sketch, or set your agenda. Crafted from premium leather, this journal boasts durability and an elegant allure – and being refillable, you can keep it in your essentials collection for many years to come. The richly detailed embossment of The Celtic Horses, symbolizing perpetual movement, adorn the cover alongside intricate Celtic knotwork, alluding to the ancient belief in the interconnectedness of all things and the eternity of life.
Measuring 4 ¾ " x 7", this journal is a compact companion perfect for journaling, note-taking, or organizing your agenda. The blank booklet inside is a canvas for your creativity, and the refillable design ensures the journal can continue to be a cherished repository for your thoughts.
Boasting exquisite craftsmanship and a richly detailed, culturally-inspired design, this journal makes the perfect gift for someone who values the richness of Irish and Celtic cultures.