Small Celtic Peacock Cushion Cover

■Small size: Sized 11.81 x 11.81 inches, this square-shaped cushion cover will stand as a stunning addition to your home decor. Placed on your sofa, reading chair, or dormitory bed, it elevates your living space with its distinctive Celtic charm
■100% Polyester: this cushion cover is crafted from soft, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant 100% polyester. Its durability and resistance guarantee that it will maintain its appearance pristine
■Our cushion cover displays a Celtic Peacock, a symbol of immortality in Celtic tradition. Complementing this stunning bird are intricate Celtic knots, such as the Triquetra, which is a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. This intricate design infuses cultural significance and depth into your home
■This cushion cover is an authentic piece that will make a remarkable gift. Whether for your own space or as a thoughtful housewarming present, this cushion cover adds a piece of Ireland and a touch of culture to anyone's home

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Add a touch of Celtic charm and meaning to your home with this stunning piece of home decor – our Small Celtic Peacock Cushion Cover.
Made from 100% polyester, this cushion cover brings softness and durability to your home. This material is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, ensuring it endures the test of time and preserves its beauty for years to come.
The design pays tribute to the rich Celtic tradition, showcasing the captivating Celtic Peacock – an icon of immortality and a bird that is endowed, Celts believed, with the gift of foresight. Alongside the beautiful bird depiction, intricate Celtic knots, including the Trinity Knot, add profound cultural and spiritual significance to your home.
Measuring 11.81 x 11.81 inches, this Celtic cushion cover stands out as a striking piece of home decor, harmonizing beautifully with sofas, reading chairs, or even dormitory beds. Its adaptability and vintage charm make it a perfect addition to any room.
This cushion cover is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, and also a genuine Irish treasure. Whether you're seeking to add a pop of color to your own living space, or seeking a thoughtful gift or housewarming present for a dear one, this peacock cushion cover encapsulates a piece of Ireland that will be cherished by all.