Irish Symbols Designed Christmas Baubles Set of 4

■Made of Papier Mache: This gorgeous set of 4 baubles is exquisitely crafted of papier mache providing long-lasting use due to the strength of the material. The baubles are glossy, lightweight, and will not be damaged if dropped to the ground.
■Irish Designs: Each bauble has its own unique design and meaning behind it - the first one is adorned with a shamrock and Trinity Knot, the second features an Irish harp, the third has a High Cross design, and the last one is decorated with a Claddagh.
■Crafted in Ireland: The bauble set is produced and designed in Ireland by Royal Tara, a well-known manufacturing company that expertly blends tradition and high-quality artistry.
■Size and Packaging: Our Irish baubles come in a beautifully designed box, making it an excellent gift. Each bauble measures 3 inches in diameter and comes with an ivory ribbon for hanging.

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Artistically inspired by 9th-century ancient Celtic manuscripts, this set of four baubles will add a sense of Irishness to your home. Crafted of papier mache, these pieces are not only durable and shock-resistant but also glossy and lightweight, making them the perfect tree or window ornaments.

Each bauble is finely adorned in a traditional Irish spirit. The first bauble is decorated with a shamrock that incorporates a Trinity Knot - both the Shamrock and the Celtic Trinity Knot have become one of the most praised symbols of Irish Christianity, representing the Holy Trinity. The second bauble has an Irish harp motif which is the official emblem of Ireland that is prominently displayed on official paper, passports, Irish coins, and many more important documents. The third bauble showcases the Celtic High Cross - it commonly marks the presence of a holy place and can be seen near monasteries, in old sites, cemeteries, or in any other sacred space. Last but not least, the fourth bauble features a Claddagh, one of the most admired Irish symbols both due to its significance and unique appearance The Claddagh presents the image of two hands embracing a heart adorned with a crown and symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty.

These baubles are not simple home decorative pieces but true icons of Ireland that should not be missing from any Irish household.