Claddagh Ring Designed Christmas Bauble

■A product of arts and crafts, the bauble is made of papier mâché and handcrafted using a Victorian technique called “decoupage”, featuring a smooth surface. 
■Being 2.95” (7.5 cm) in diameter, the bauble becomes the ideal Irish ornament that can be offered as a gift not just for Christmas but also for newlyweds or for any other special occasion. 
■The Claddagh ring motif is an expression of absolute love while the Celtic knots that encircle it in a wreath of gold are representative of family bonds and new beginnings. 
■Made by Royal Tara, an Irish company that produces functional and original giftware which represent the Irish heritage. A perfect gift to offer as a token of friendship or love, the bauble comes in a gift box with a green ribbon. 

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Embellish your house with this exquisite Irish ornament, no matter the occasion. Our Claddagh Ring Bauble is made of papier mâché, a product of arts and crafts made from a technique called “decoupage” which creates a smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch. The bauble is colored in the green of Emerald Isle and features a Claddagh ring encircled by a wreath of Celtic knots. The Claddagh ring is formed of two hands embellished with gold cuffs reaching toward each other in an eternal embrace. The hands (friendship) tenderly hold a crimson heart (love) that is crowned by an emerald crown symbolizing loyalty. The Claddagh ring was first used as a wedding ring over 400 years ago in the tiny fishing village 'the Claddagh', in Galway city, Ireland. A symbol of eternal love, the bauble becomes the perfect gift for a newlywed couple. The ornament is 2.95” (7.5 cm) in diameter and comes in a gift box with a green ribbon on top.