Irish Shamrock Designed Christmas Baubles Set of 4

■Made out of papier mache: It is a durable, resistant, and lightweight material - you don't have to worry that is gonna break into pieces due to its sturdiness.
■The Set is composed of 4 Baubles and all of them are painted around an emblem of Irish culture, the Shamrock. Legends say that it was used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity when he was trying to convert the Irish into Christians, each leaf representing The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
■Authentically designed and created in Ireland by the well-known giftware brand Royal Tara, the Set of 4 Shamrock Baubles is part of the Irish Weave Gifts collection 
■As a dimension, each Bauble measures 3 inches in diameter, having attached an ivory ribbon that makes it easy for hanging. They come in a colorful lidded box, being already the perfect gift or just a nice box they can be stored in

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Irish culture is a legacy that is worth being proud of! The Set of 4 Shamrock Baubles is beautifully decorated with one of the most beloved Irish symbols, the well-known Shamrock and one of them has the word “Ireland” in the center, bordered by harmonious knotwork. The material used to create these baubles is papier mache which is lightweight, resistant and durable, easy to model. Beige and pale green are the colors combined by the designers on embellishing these gorgeous baubles. The Shamrock has a meaning even in Christianity - when St. Patrick attempted to convert the Irish to Christianity; he used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, with each leaf representing The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. As well, the three leaves of a shamrock stand for love, faith, and hope. Originating from Ireland, Royal Tara created these baubles that bring to your house a piece from your home country. 3 inches is the diameter of each bauble and they have attached an ivory ribbon which helps and makes them easy for hanging. A colorful box is coming together with these exquisite decorations that make them look sophisticated and great to be gifted.

Embrace your Irish culture and bring it into your home wherever you are, with this exquisite set of baubles.