Shamrock Sheep Christmas Bauble

■Made out of papier mache, which is a resistant, lightweight, and durable material. This bauble is eye-catching and in case of falling, it will not break into pieces and will remain intact
■It features a black-faced sheep design. Ireland is famous for the black-faced sheep that appear on green meadows and for the wool from which various pieces of clothing are made. The shamrock is present both on the sheep and on the meadows, the three leaves representing the lucky number in Irish folklore.
■Made in Ireland by Royal Tara, a well-known manufacturer of giftware that is proudly representing the Irish Celtic culture with its diversified collections
■Bauble measures 3 inches, a good size to decorate any Christmas tree, being a piece that will surely stand out in your home with its unique Irish motives and design


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It's always a good idea to take out the Irish traditional decorative ornaments during Christmas time. This Bauble is nicely decorated, having in the center of a mixed blue and green background a black-faced mountain sheep and its lamb, both embellished with green-colored shamrocks. Black-faced sheep are widespread in Ireland, famous for their wool that is utilized in producing different pieces of clothing. The Shamrock’s three leaves represent the lucky number in Irish folklore and are also linked to the Holy Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our bauble comes in a gift box, perfect to be gifted and it has an attached ribbon. The Shamrock Sheep Bauble measures not more or less than 3 inches. It is an outstanding decorative piece that will beautifully hang on the Christmas tree year after year. Papier mache is the material from which this Bauble is made, and is resistant, durable, and easy to shape - you don't have to worry that it is gonna fall and break into pieces. Created in Ireland by Royal Tara’s designers, the Shamrock Bauble is part of the Celtic Baubles collection.
Don't let this Christmas lack the Irish touch!