Celtic Window Welsh Dragon Teabag Holder

■Made of high-quality bone china, a material known for its sturdy texture and translucency. Bone china is also renowned for its durability and resistance to chipping.
■Features the red Welsh dragon, an emblem of Wales for centuries that represents strength, power, and courage. Its presence on this teabag holder adds a touch of Welsh heritage to your tea service.
■The knotwork on this teabag holder is a reflection of the ancient art of the Celts, displaying intricate and beautiful designs. Each knotwork pattern is unique and has its own meaning and symbolism, such as representing the unity of life or the eternal cycle of nature
■With a diameter of 4 inches, the Tea Bag Holder is the perfect size for holding your tea bags or infusions. It comes beautifully packaged for easy and safe storage.

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Our Welsh Dragon Teabag Holder is a beautiful piece of crockery that pays homage to Welsh culture and heritage. Made from high-quality bone china, this teabag holder is not only durable but also adds a touch of elegance to your tea service.
The distinctive red Welsh dragon, an emblem of Wales, is the centerpiece of this teabag holder. The dragon is not only a symbol of Welsh identity but also represents strength, courage, and vitality. Its bold design stands out on the richly colored bone china background, making it a visually appealing addition to any tea set.
The teabag holder also features intricate Celtic knot designs, which add to the overall beauty and charm of the piece. The combination of the dragon and Celtic knot designs of our unique and eye-catching teabag holder is sure to impress your guests.
With a diameter of 4 inches, the teabag holder is the perfect size for holding your tea bags or infusions.