Scottish Thistle Teabag Holder Celtic

■Made of bone china, this tea bag holder is highly resistant to chipping, which makes it a suitable kitchen item that will stock your tea bags for years. 
■Delicately centered on the blue backdrop of the teabag holder is the Scottish Thistle accompanied by Celtic knots which adorn the surface of the tea holder. 
■Made by Royal Tara, an Irish company that creates gifts which are representative of the rich Irish heritage and emblems of the land. 
■Crafted in the shape of a teapot, this tea holder measures approximately 3.93” (10 cm) in diameter and is easy to care for. Can be washed with a mild liquid detergent and a non-abrasive cloth. 

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Store your tea bags in our Scottish Thistle Teabag Holder crafted in the shape of a teapot. Measuring 3.93” (10 cm) in diameter, this mug depicts the famous Scottish Thistle, the national emblem of Scotland. Legend has it that the thistle was adopted as a symbol of Scotland when an approaching Viking, who had stepped on a thistle, cried out in agony. This alerted the sleeping Scottish warriors who bravely defeated the invaders. The national flower is margined by Celtic knots which adorn the surface of the tea holder in gold zigzag patterns and touches of purple. The blue backdrop creates a window effect, referring to the stained glass windows of medieval times. Made of bone china, this traditional tea bag holder will support your collection of tea for a long period of time.