Celtic Tree of Life Teabag Holder

■Crafted with great attention to detail, from new bone china, a durable high-quality type of ceramic, great for any type of tableware. This material ensures long lasting-use of this cute item.
■Measuring 6 inches in width, our holder will keep your countertop clean by preventing any spills or stains, perfect for having a designated spot where you can place your tea bag or mug, whenever you need to. 
■Designed with the Celtic tree of life, representing elements of nature that intertwine to create harmony and balance. The branches delicately reach up to the sky while the roots are grounded, creating a beautiful link between heaven and earth.
■Our practical kitchen accessory is dishwasher safe, but you need to make sure to keep metal items away from your new bone china, in order to prevent scratches and chipping. 

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Our Tree of Life Mug Teabag Holder is perfectly designed to accompany the lovely experience of enjoying a delicious cup of tea. Made from new bone china, a resistant type of ceramic that ensures you will have this accessory in your kitchenware collection for years to come. It features the Celtic tree of life, which represents natural elements interwoven to create harmony. The connected roots and branches symbolize the link between heaven and earth. Partly surrounded by Celtic knots, our lovely mug and tea bag holder measures 6 inches in width and is a meaningful addition to any kitchen. To maintain its shining appearance, avoid placing it next to metal objects when washing it, by hand, or in the dishwasher.